My school : Tagadirt N'abado

         Welcome to Tagadirt N'abado Middle School

    Tagadirt Naabado Middle School is situated in the suburbs of Agadir, in the south of Morocco. It is a recently built school of Eight classrooms in addition to other facilities.

    The website is meant, in the first place, to help the students keep in touch with English and it, basically, acts as a follow up to the lessons taken at school since it focuses on the language skills that the students, as complete beginners, learn.

     The students and the teachers took part in an international school award ( ISA ) under the supervision of the British Council and the guidance of the two supervisors ; Mr. Zoubair Abdellatif and Mr. Hassim Mohamed. They helped a lot and enlightened the pathway since the very first days of the project.

    The students took part in the international project based on the exchange of cultural and eductaional knowledge about the two countries ; Morocco and Taiwan. Miss. Chen Jennifer , from Kaohsiung, Taiwan , is the responsible of the exchange in Taiwan. The project helped the students promote the image of the countries and it's, basically, based on the use of I.C.T. 

    Many thanks go to the supervisors, head-teachers, pricipals, teachers of different school subjects and ,of course, the students, in both sides, who really made great efforts.


Rachid Oumkaik

Tagadirt Naabado middle school.

Agadir ; Morocco

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